6 Towns Photographic Club, Stoke on Trent - Meet at 7.30pm on Wednesdays.

Most Club Activities Are Suspended Until Further Notice Due To COVID-19.
Activities that are still running are shown on the On Line During Covid-19 page.
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Schedule for October 2019  - September 2020. 6Towns Photographic Club. Photographic Club in Stoke on Trent.

 October 2019 - Theme is Low Light Photography. A mix of practical workshops.       
   2nd October    Low light portrait photography  Bob  
    Low-light portraits on location. We will be shooting in and around the Tunstall Shard area with model Princess Bee. more...    
   9th October  Street life - Neon signs  Brian  
        Photoshoot with model in the studio and shop signs  
   16th October  Evening shoot from city  Wayne  
       YMCA night shoot over the city  
   23rd October    Embrace your Shadows  Pete, Mike  
       Almost full moon this night. Weather permitting shadow photography in the landscape      
   30th October    Competition  Derek  
   Themed Competition "Metallic". Judge is Peter Cheetham. 
Competition rules and how to enter...
November -  Theme is Fire & Light. Drama in images with the use of fire and light.    
   6th November    Guest Speaker  Jas  
       John Morton will share his presentation Land of Myths, Legends & Adventures.      
   13th November    Light tube painted model  Judy  
       Courtyard shoot of a model lit behind by a light tube    
   20th November    Light Paint with Steel Wool and Fire & Lens Workshop  Brian  
       This meeting will be at H. Lehmann workshops ST4 5AA. No activity at Courtyard Studio this evening. An evening of two halves, swop activities at mid point.      
   27th November    Live musician - Local recording artist Kira Mac will be on stage for us  Bob  
      Bob has arranged for Kira Mac to sing live for us in the studio with a full light show.
Great opportunity to get fantastic images in a live stage show. more... 
   4th December    Festive Gathering + Close for Christmas & New Year Break  TBA  
      We will be gathering at a local Indian Restaurant for our Christmas meal.    
 February 2020 - Theme is Black & White Photography. Exploring different styles of black & White images.    
   5th February    Fun with black and white photography  Brian  
       Darkroom meets digital    
   12th February  MacroWorld - Macro photography with a fork in water  Wayne  
        A macro abstract creation that is both interesting and challenging    
   19th February  Dramatic Black And White Portraiture  Bob  
       Demonstration and practical supported by local model     
   26th February    Competition  Derek  
       Themed Competition "Traditional Pastimes". Judge to be advised. 
Competition rules and how to enter...
 March - Theme is Feelings. Practical workshops to help build mood and passion into your images.    
   4th March    Guest Speaker - Brian Law. ARPS, CAPGB.  Jas  
       A look at 6 influential photographers of the 20th century, their work and influence. Brian will also take a look at some contemporary masters in the second part of the evening.    
   11th March    Introspective - A practical workshop.  Pete  
       Explore introspective feelings such as "alone in thought" through self portraits. Please bring camera and tripod along with shutter release or timer. An evening with Peter Gordon.    
   18th March    Moody atmosphere  Louise  
       Period shoot at Ford Green Hall with Louise    
   25th March    Black and white or colour starlet  Derek  
       Practical black and white model session to demonstrate how colour and black and white can project different moods in portraiture    
 April - Theme is Victorian Period. Workshops to Recreate Victorian Period Image Style.        
   1st April    Social evening  TBA  
       Details to follow    
   8th April    Victorian flower arrangements  Judy & Viv  
       Victorian flower arrangements in a vase    
   15th April    Still life & Vaseline  Wayne  
       An old film technique to blur parts of your image    
   22nd April    Victorian Style Fine Art Portraiture   Louise  
       Model shoot in the style of Victorian studio including props    
   29th April  

This competition is still running but will be On-line only.

 Rob & Matt  
      Competition Theme is 'Spring.' Only PI - Projected Images.
Competition rules and how to enter...
As normal, entries close at noon on Sunday prior.
Peter Cheetham will judge the digital images for us and also provide a critique from his home. We hope to recieve the results the following week.
Winning images will appear on the website. All entered images will appear in the club's members only Facebook group - 6T Review & Critique Group.  
May - Theme is Spring Time. Explore nature in close up.      




   6th May    Guest Speaker  Jas  
       Awaiting confirmation  
   13th May    Macro evening with some spring flowers  Dave  
       White Lilies      
   20th May    On location Workshop - Animal Magic  Matt  
       Foxes at Trentham    
   27th May    The Spring landscape  Brian  
       Shoot spring flowers and creepy crawlies in field, part macro close up practical    
 June - Theme is Filters. Explore how filters can dramatically change your image.    
   3rd June    Practical use of Graduated filters on location at Thornecliffe Bank  Wayne  
       Subject to the weather, we will  experiment with graduated filters for sunsets sun bursts     
   10th June    Long exposure black and white in landscape  Bob  

 Subject to the weather, we will  experiment with experiment with some 10 stop filters

   Thursday 14th    On Line Speaker. Sukhy Hallait. Interactive talk. What are we    
   17th June    Water fall Knypersley Reservoir  Brian  
       ND filters for shooting the waterfall or overflow in the woods at Knypersley Reservoir    
   24th June    Competition  Rob & Matt   

 Themed Competition  
Competition rules and how to enter...

Extra Event. N.B. Thursday 25th June.
Cycle track panning shoot with Rob Briddon.  Details will be provided on previous Wednesday.

July - Theme is Reflections. Use reflections to your advantage.    
   1st July    Guest Speaker    
       Awaiting confirmation   Jas  
   8th July    Social evening  TBA  
       Details to be advised    
   15th July    Water, Lake or canal  Richard H  
       Reflections in water. Shoot reflections of narrow boats in the canal at Eturia locks     
   22nd July    Bokeh in the landscape    
       Use of wide apertures to create bokah and flares in photography   Pete  
   29th July    Model shoot using mirrors    
      Reflections in portraiture, how the use of mirrors  Bob  
August - Theme is Dreams, soft focus and dreamy images       
   5th August    Ambience  Wayne  
      Outdoor shoot at Westport lake to capture ambience of twilight in the landscape. sunset 7:24     
   12th August    1940's  Ricahrd, Matt  
       The1940's society in costume to join us on a location shoot    
   19th August    Cadburys Flake  Bob  
       On Location shoot with model to create a dreamy Cadbury's Flake style image    
   26th August    Competition  Derek  
       Themed Competition
Competition rules and how to enter...
 September - Theme is Liquids. Having fun with liquids.    
   2nd September    Guest Speaker  Jas  
       To be confirmed    
    9th September    Psychedelic  Brian  
       Psychedelic with coloured oil and water Coloured oil and water shoot     
   16th September    Soap bubble photography  Debbie  
      Macro or close ups of home made soap bubbles    
   23rd September    Milk and strawberry splash  Wayne  
                                    Looks easy but.. we explore fruit dropped into milk    
   30th September    AGM    








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